What will you do with the replaced old safety shoes?

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I believe that many companies purchasing safety shoes have such confusion, and they don’t know what to do with the old safety shoes that they have replaced. Throw it away, it’s not broken; keep it, you don’t necessarily want to give it to new employees, after all, they are all second-hand.

Many companies have too much staff turnover, and employees often leave before the probation period has expired. Some of these safety shoes are still new, but they are already second-hand. Those who left the company, after returning the safety shoes they had used, the new employees refused to wear them again. As a result, there are now a pile of them, and they don’t know how to deal with these safety shoes.

The following editor will give you a few ideas:

1. Contact the construction site to see if it can be sold to the construction site, the safety shoes on the construction site are still very short-lived;

2. Which employee to send the new shoes to and which employee to wear, leave during the probation period, let him wear it by himself, and show his personal affection generously. If you are a little bit stingy, you can also make a 50% discount and deduct it from the employee’s salary (however, this is suspected of breaking the law, and this is not recommended).

3. The safety shoes will be sent directly to the employees, and they will be taken away when they leave. This can be set for a period of time, usually three months, not to three months, you can let employees express their discretion based on time.

4. Or you can be tougher, clean up the safety shoes and distribute them again. Anyway, I will post this pair and buy it myself without wearing old safety shoes. As long as the safety shoes meet the standards, they can continue to be used. After all, it would be too wasteful to put so many safety shoes there.

5. The old safety shoes can also be divided into two categories, the ones that can be used continuously and the ones that are scrapped. The scraps are generally sent to the garbage incineration station area for incineration. If you can continue to use them, the contractor will usually ask for them. After all, a pair of shoes worth several hundred yuan is much better than the contractor’s own purchase.

6. It can be worn by workers who have not reached the time for replacement but the safety shoes are broken, and this department can adjust it internally. It can not only solve the urgent needs of employees, but also save a little money for the company~~ (I still agree with this point very much, it is very humane, what do you think)

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