We may not have heard of anti-smashing shoes and safety shoes in our daily life, but I believe some people are very familiar with such things, because some of our workers are required to wear some personal items during construction work. , and safety shoes are one of them.

There are many specific categories of safety shoes, including electrical insulating shoes, anti-static shoes, anti-piercing shoes, anti-smashing shoes and other types of footwear. Regarding the problem of anti-smashing shoes, many people must be curious about how the shoes are smashed. Woolen cloth? Many people are wondering how the shoes can prevent smashing, how can they be impacted by tens or even hundreds of pounds of heavy objects and protect the toes from damage? Here we will talk about the built-in items of the shoes. Many people have only seen the surface, and they are no different from the shoes we usually wear. Why is it so powerful? As a safety shoe with anti-smashing effect, what everyone does not know is that we have added a steel toe cap to the toe cap. Listening to the name, you can know what the function of this thing is, that is, the thing used to reinforce the toe cap can be said to be very strong. According to the EN standard, it can withstand a lot of impact to ensure the safe operation of our staff. Some comparisons The shoes made by the black-hearted manufacturers have not been inspected by the relevant departments and privately produce some shoes with substandard quality. For example, according to the EN standard, the toe caps of the shoes must be made of steel, but some manufacturers use it in order to get more benefits. Plastic toe caps replace steel toe caps. This kind of plastic toe caps are easily damaged during normal use. After one or two heavy impacts, they cannot be used. It is like a disposable product. The products are different. Our toe caps have great toughness and can withstand a long-term impact. Our toe caps are not some raw steel products. They have good toughness unlike some raw steels. It will break after a few hits and even cause additional damage to the foot in the event of an accident.

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