The structure of a pair of safety shoes is very complicated, and it needs to be produced through dozens of processing procedures. Among them, the most important and core part of the safety shoes is the toe cap of the toe cap, which is the core of the safety shoes to prevent smashing. Generally, the toe caps of safety shoes are divided into two categories: steel toe caps and composite toe caps. However, many people do not know how to choose, and do not understand which toe cap is better.
In fact, the two materials have their own advantages and disadvantages in the selection. As far as the material of the steel toe cap is concerned, because the material is made of pig iron, it is easy to be corroded by the air. In addition, the steel toe cap is located inside the shoes, and safety shoes are generally dull, and are more susceptible to the influence of the humid environment, resulting in rust on the steel toe cap.
This problem will affect the use of safety shoes. In order to improve this problem, the steel toe cap material is changed to stainless steel. But although the problem of iron rusting ended, other problems also arise. The cost of stainless steel is relatively high, and because of the heavy weight of stainless steel, it is often found that the shoes are too heavy when they are added to the inside of the shoes, which affects the wearing experience.
The composite toe cap can be understood as a non-metallic material. It has the advantages of glass fiber fabric, light weight, high strength, suitable for a variety of foot types, and corrosion resistance. Both of these materials can actually be used, and you can choose according to your working environment. Some environments only use safety shoes made of steel toe caps, while others use lightweight composite toe cap safety shoes. Choose to suit your needs.
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