Everyone knows that everything has its own characteristics. For example, if the shoes are worn for a long time, the paint will fall off, and the safety shoes will appear white spots if they are worn for a long time. What should I do? The safety shoe manufacturer tells you:

The white spot treatment on the surface of safety shoes after wearing for a long time. The leather safety upper leather has a strong ability to absorb sweat. Therefore, after wearing safety shoes for a long time, some white sweat spots will appear on the leather surface. This is the exudation of the salt in the sweat absorbed by the leather and the substances contained in the leather, which is called salting out. Especially in rainy weather, when safety shoes are damp and dried, this kind of white spots are often precipitated. The method to deal with white spots: first wash the white spots with alcohol or leather stains; then apply a layer of leather shoe polish, then drip a few drops of edible vinegar, and wipe back and forth with a shoe brush and cloth to remove the white spots as old as new.

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