Why do acid and alkali-resistant safety shoes have a short service life?

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At present, safety shoes are essential safety protection products in many industries during the operation. However, some newly issued acid and alkali-resistant safety shoes are found in daily work. They only need to be used for a short period of time, and they will be damaged. Many people complain The quality is too bad. What happened to the acid and alkali-resistant safety shoes to damage so quickly?

Generally speaking, the service life of acid and alkali-resistant safety shoes is three months, so why do they have to be scrapped in a short period of time? What is the reason? This is because they have forgotten “resistant” and acid and alkali resistant safety shoes. And the reason why acid and alkali safety shoes are defined as the name can have the same meaning. The use of a word resistant instead of word-proof means that acid and alkali resistant shoes cannot completely resist acid and alkali substances, and can only ensure the functionality of the shoes by continuously consuming their own life. This also causes the use of acid and alkali resistant safety shoes. The life span is usually not very long.

The habit of drying shoes is also one of the reasons why acid and alkali-resistant shoes are used for a relatively short time. Acid and alkali resistant safety shoes are a kind of relatively closed footwear. This is also to ensure that when we wear shoes, we avoid some acid and alkali liquids from flowing into the shoes through some gaps and causing harm to our body. Although the sun-exposed shoes are comfortable and warm to wear, direct sunlight will accelerate the aging of the safety shoes, and on the contrary, the higher concentration of acid stains on the shoes will cause further damage to the safety shoes. The correct method should be to clean the liquid acid stains flowing on the surface of the shoes with water, and then dry, rather than drying under direct sunlight.

How to choose the right safety shoes under acid-base conditions is a problem for many people. First, we have to look at the material of the sole. Generally speaking, PU/TPU has the function of anti-microalkali, but it should be judged according to the specific situation. Therefore, do not choose PU/TPU material as the sole of safety shoes when working in an alkaline environment. The rubber-soled safety shoes have good acid and alkali resistance, and the acid and alkali resistance safety shoes are bulky. Although rubber has good acid and alkali resistance, it should not be used for a long time under strong acid and alkali conditions. After all, this environment is corrosive.

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