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oilfield work shoes

Friends who work in the oil field know that a pair of safety shoes with good anti-skid effect is very important to the safety of oil field workers. Therefore, many oil companies will strictly inspect every supplier in the bidding of personal protective equipment. Today I will talk to you about what materials are generally used for oilfield safety shoes? In addition to inspecting the personal protective equipment materials of personal protective equipment suppliers, which ones will oil companies inspect?

What materials are generally used for oilfield safety shoes?

Oilfield safety shoes are mainly used in different types of jobs in different sectors, such as desert operations, oil and gas extraction, refining and chemical, machining, and geophysical prospecting. Oilfield enterprises include oil production plants, drilling companies, power plants and other subsidiaries. The styles and functions of shoes are also different.

Oilfield labor insurance shoes generally use top-layer cowhide uppers with rubber soles or PU polyurethane soles. As oilfield companies pay more and more attention to the safety and comfort of labor insurance shoes for front-line employees in recent years, the materials used in oilfield labor insurance shoes are getting better and better.

Oilfield companies, when purchasing winter work shoes, add velvet and cotton or wool to the shoes to keep them warm and waterproof. In addition, winter oilfield work shoes, such as anti-smashing, anti-puncture, insulation, anti-static and other functions, still must meet the national standard and have an inspection report. Many oilfield companies will also send a third party for quality inspection.

Precautions for purchasing oilfield work shoes

Because of the particularity of the working environment, oilfield labor insurance shoes are generally required to have anti-slip function. In addition, we also need to know if a pair of oilfield labor insurance shoes cover their feet, are heavy, make noise when walking, and swish and slip on the ground. It is a disaster, so in addition to paying attention to the functionality of labor insurance shoes, the design of labor insurance shoes is also very important.

The oilfield work shoes produced by MKsafety® can stop slipping on the water surface, the oil surface, and the detergent. It can meet various anti-slip environments. MKsafety® has passed the SRA and SRB tests and reached the SRC standard. In terms of the material, MKsafety® is made of high-quality imported cowhide. Of course, it can also be matched with breathable mesh or suede microfiber according to your requirements. The sole is made of EVA + rubber non-slip outsole. This type of oilfield work shoes of MKsafety® has a lot of In addition to good anti-skid effect, it also has good anti-smashing, anti-puncture, anti-static properties.

What else do oil companies look at on security suppliers?

Petroleum companies are very cautious in the selection of safety shoes suppliers. In addition to looking at the quality of labor insurance shoes, they will also consider whether they can cooperate for a long time, whether they are cost-effective, whether the company’s qualifications are sound, whether the after-sales service is complete, and whether there are similar products. Cooperation cases of oilfield companies and so on. Some safety shoe manufacturers focus on the oilfield safety footwear industry, and have already cooperated with many oilfield companies. Oilfield safety shoes like this are more trustworthy.

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