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Work shoe equipment management is the management of the entire process of equipment movement by an enterprise, including the management from equipment purchase to equipment entering the production field, and until exiting the production field.

Work shoes and equipment exist in both physical and financial forms during sports. Therefore, according to these two forms, labor insurance shoe equipment management can be divided into equipment technical management and equipment economic management. The technical management of equipment includes equipment purchase and acceptance, installation and commissioning, use and maintenance, transformation and renewal; the economic management of equipment includes equipment investment, maintenance costs, depreciation and renewal fund raising, accumulation and expenditure, etc. Technical management and economic management of equipment are closely related and are two aspects of the same problem. But general equipment management refers to the technical management of equipment.

The scope of equipment management includes not only the management of production tools and equipment, but also auxiliary equipment, equipment for research and testing, and equipment for management.

Equipment management achieves the following goals through the planning, organization, and a series of management systems and measures related to machinery and equipment:

(1) Purchase equipment technically and accurately.

(2) Purchase equipment economically and reasonably.

(3) Effectively use the equipment in application, give full play to and improve the reasonable efficiency of the equipment.

(4) Carefully maintain and repair the equipment to ensure that the equipment is always in the best condition and that the parts are complete and complete.

(5) Maintain normal production order and ensure safe production.

(6) Efforts to improve the level of technical equipment of enterprises, so that enterprises can achieve long-term and best economic results.

The technical characteristics of modern industrial enterprises are the extensive use of machinery and equipment and machinery systems, which are operated and controlled by workers, and are directly completed by machinery and equipment. With the advancement of technology and the improvement of the degree of mechanization, the state of enterprise equipment and technology has a direct relationship with the quantity and quality of products produced by the enterprise, as well as the technical and economic effects of enterprise operations. Therefore, in order to keep the equipment of industrial enterprises in perfect condition, scientific equipment management must be carried out to ensure the normal production of production. For example, MKsafety® company introduced the world’s most advanced DESMA shoe-making machine from Germany, and also introduced the German Bayer foaming process simultaneously, which comprehensively improved the quality of safety shoes, making MKsafety® Co., Ltd. become a high-end safety shoes manufacturer  in China , Its MKsafety®-safety shoes products have a certain degree of competitiveness in the international arena.

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