leather work boots

The production process of leather safety shoes is complicated, and the leather must go through many processes before it can be put into use, but the leather is of good quality, not easy to be damaged, and has good air permeability. Much better than faux leather.

Leather is divided into many types according to the different parts of the material and the degree of damage. I will show you some of them below, so that we can have a basis for buying safety shoes in the future.

1. Calfskin: The elasticity is very good, and the calfskin has small pores, fine leather, clear lines, good air permeability, and is not easy to damage, referred to as high-end atmospheric grade

2. Scrub leather: It is to polish some places with scars and corrosion marks to be smoother. Usually, some thicker leather is used. The rough leather is dyed after polishing. The surface is smooth and has no texture, but it is breathable. good, water resistant

3. Two-layer leather: As the name suggests, it is the second layer of leather that is flushed from the outside to the inside. The texture is relatively soft, but it is easier to damage. Most of them are used after covering with PU paint.

4. the head layer cortex: that is, the animal surface cortex, usually the best cortex, as long as the material is selected in place, the best cortex is produced from this..

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