Anti-static safety shoes knowledge popularization

anti static safety shoes

In the workplaces of petroleum, chemical, coal, printing, rubber, medical, purification, electronics and other industries, workers are often required to wear anti-static safety shoes. If they do not wear them, they will not only be unable to work normally, or even enter the workplace. . Because if you don’t wear anti-static safety shoes, excessive static electricity will be generated during the work process, which is harmful to the human body and normal work.


Anti-static safety shoes are protective shoes that eliminate the static electricity of the human body and prevent electric shocks below 250V. It is mainly suitable for all places where there is static electricity hazard to prevent burning, explosion, etc. due to the static electricity of the human body.

Anti-static safety shoes require resistance in dry and humid environments. Because the resistance value is 100KΩ≤resistance value≤1000KΩ, this safety shoe has a certain weak conductive function, which can guide the static electricity accumulated on the human body through the anti-static safety shoes. underground. To some extent, it is conductive shoes. Therefore, anti-static safety shoes are forbidden to be used as insulated shoes, but the maximum insulation voltage of anti-static safety shoes is 150V. Anti-static safety shoes make the human body have very low static electricity after the human body is led out, and it is not easy to appear due to the dust caused by static electricity, and achieve a relatively dust-free effect.

The anti-static safety shoes are made of PU or PVC material, which is a dissipative material. The sole is made of anti-static and non-slip material, which can not only absorb sweat and deodorize, but also achieve anti-slip and anti-static functions. It is integrally formed with the upper and then reinforced on the line. It can effectively leak static electricity and form a complete anti-static system together with anti-static clothing.

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