How to choose anti-static safety shoes?

How to choose anti-static safety shoes?

Anti-static safety shoes are specially designed safety shoes,

which are mainly used to prevent the danger caused by static electricity and electrostatic discharge.

Static electricity refers to the accumulation of electrical charge due to friction or separation between objects,

which can in some cases cause fires or cause damage to electronic equipment.

Anti-static safety shoes suppress or dissipate static electricity through special materials and designs, thereby reducing the risk of electrostatic discharge.

They usually have the following characteristics and functions:

Anti-static materials: 

Anti-static safety shoes often use special materials, such as anti-static leather,

synthetic materials or fiber materials, which can effectively prevent the generation and accumulation of static electricity.

Conductive soles:

The soles of anti-static safety shoes usually have conductive properties,

which can conduct static electricity from the body to the ground and prevent electrostatic discharge.

Ground connection function:

Some anti-static safety shoes have a ground connection function,

which can further discharge static electricity by connecting to a conductive ground or an anti-static floor.

Anti-static standards:

Anti-static safety shoes usually meet relevant anti-static standards and certification requirements,

such as European standard EN ISO 20345 and American standard ASTM F2413-18, etc.

Safety function:

Anti-static safety shoes also have other necessary safety functions, such as anti-slip, anti-stab, anti-pressure, etc., to protect feet from accidental injuries.

Anti-static safety shoes are mainly suitable for industries that need to prevent electrostatic discharge from affecting personal safety or the sensitivity of environmental equipment, such as:

Electronics manufacturing industry:

In the fields of electronic assembly, semiconductor manufacturing, and electronic equipment maintenance, due to high sensitivity to static electricity, electrostatic discharge may cause damage or malfunction to electronic equipment, so it is necessary to wear anti-static safety shoes to prevent static electricity from accumulating and discharging.

Chemical industry:

In chemical production or storage environments involving flammable and explosive materials, electrostatic discharge may cause fire or explosion. Anti-static safety shoes can help prevent static build-up and discharge, reducing the risk of fire and explosion.

Pharmaceutical industry:

in places such as pharmaceutical production, laboratories and operating rooms, it is highly sensitive to static electricity. Wearing anti-static safety shoes can avoid static electricity from interfering with test results or negatively affecting medicines.

Petrochemical industry:

In the process of oil, natural gas and chemical production, there may be flammable and explosive environments.

Anti-static safety shoes can be used to control static electricity ,

and reduce the risk of fire and explosion.

Power industry:

During the installation, maintenance and operation of power equipment, anti-static safety shoes can prevent static electricity from interfering with the power system and protect the safety of workers.

In conclusion, anti-static safety shoes may be required in any workplace where protection from static electricity generation and hazards caused by electrostatic discharge is required. These occasions include electronics manufacturing, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry and power industry, etc. According to the specific working environment and needs, choosing suitable anti-static safety shoes can improve work safety and reduce static-related risks.

So when choosing anti-static safety shoes, you can consider the following factors:

Standards and certification:

Make sure that the selected anti-static safety shoes meet the relevant standards and certification requirements. For example, the European standard EN ISO 20345 and the American standard ASTM F2413-18 are common safety shoe standards and can be used as a reference for selection.

Anti-static performance:

The main function of anti-static safety shoes is to suppress or dissipate static electricity and prevent electric shock or fire caused by electrostatic discharge. Check the product specifications and descriptions to ensure that the selected shoes have good anti-static properties and can effectively discharge static electricity.


Material is also an important consideration when choosing anti-static safety shoes. Common materials include leather, synthetic and fiber materials. High-quality materials usually have a certain degree of breathability, wear resistance and comfort.

Safety function:

In addition to anti-static performance, anti-static safety shoes should also have other necessary safety functions. For example, it has anti-slip, anti-stab, anti-pressure and other functions to protect feet from accidental injuries.

Size and fit:

To ensure that the anti-static safety shoes you buy are the right size, comfort and fit are also important considerations. You can try on multiple brands and models, and choose the style that best suits your foot shape and wearing needs.

Brand and reputation:

Choosing anti-static safety shoes of a well-known brand can usually provide more reliable quality and performance guarantees. You can refer to the reviews and word-of-mouth of other users to understand the pros and cons of different brands and models.

Use environment and needs:

According to the specific use environment and needs, choose suitable anti-static safety shoes. For example, if you are exposed to hazardous chemicals in the workplace,

you may want to choose a shoe with a higher level of chemical protection.

To sum up, when choosing anti-static safety shoes,

you need to consider factors such as compliance with standards and certification requirements,

anti-static performance, materials, safety features, size suitability, brand and reputation, and use environment and needs. It is recommended to refer to multiple brands and models, and fully understand and try them on before actual wearing and use, so as to ensure that you can choose the most suitable anti-static safety shoes for you.

Author: Nicole