6 Anti-static safety shoes

In modern society, static electricity has become a common phenomenon. However, many people are unaware of the potential hazards caused by static electricity, especially in work environments. In order to protect workers from the hazards of static electricity, anti-static safety shoes have become an important protective equipment. This article will introduce the function, characteristics and how to use anti-static safety shoes correctly.

Dangers of static electricity

Static electricity is a phenomenon caused by the accumulation of electrons on the surface of materials. In work environments, static electricity can cause a variety of problems, including electrical shock injuries, risks of fire and explosion, equipment malfunction, and damage to electronic equipment. Especially in some special industries, such as petrochemical, electronic manufacturing and medical industries, static electricity may pose serious threats to personal safety and production processes.

The role of anti-static safety shoes

Anti-static safety shoes are a type of protective footwear specifically designed to reduce static electricity. Their main function is to disperse the static charge of the human body to the ground through conductive materials and special designs to prevent the accumulation of static electricity. Anti-static safety shoes can not only protect workers from electric shock, but also reduce the risk of fire and explosion, ensuring the safety and stability of the production process.

Characteristics of anti-static safety shoes

(1) Conductive materials:

Anti-static safety shoes usually use conductive materials, such as carbon fiber or metal fiber, to ensure that static electricity can be quickly dispersed to the ground.

(2) Insulating materials:

The soles of anti-static safety shoes are usually made of insulating materials to prevent current from entering the human body through the soles and ensure the safety of workers.

(3) Anti-static markings:

Anti-static safety shoes usually come with anti-static markings so that workers can easily identify them and ensure correct use.

So what is the difference between anti-static safety shoes and ESD safety shoes?

Anti static Safety Shoes

Anti-static safety shoes are a type of protective footwear specifically designed to reduce static electricity. Their main function is to disperse the static charge of the human body to the ground through conductive materials and special designs to prevent the accumulation of static electricity. Anti-static safety shoes are often used in static-sensitive environments such as electronics factories, laboratories and medical facilities. They ensure worker safety primarily through conductive soles and insulating uppers.

ESD safety shoes (Electrostatic Discharge Safety Shoes)

ESD safety shoes are special anti-static shoes used to control electrostatic discharge to protect static-sensitive electronic equipment. ESD safety shoes are commonly used in workplaces that require electronic component assembly, electronics manufacturing, and semiconductor production. Compared with anti-static safety shoes, ESD safety shoes focus more on the ability to control electrostatic discharge to ensure the protection of equipment.

Difference comparison

(1) Design goal:

The design goal of anti-static safety shoes is to disperse the static charge of the human body to the ground to prevent the accumulation of static electricity. The design goal of ESD safety shoes is to control electrostatic discharge to protect static-sensitive electronic equipment.

(2) Applicable places:

Anti-static safety shoes are suitable for various static-sensitive environments, such as electronic factories, laboratories and medical facilities. ESD safety shoes are more suitable for places where electronic component assembly, electronic manufacturing and semiconductor production are required.

(3) Protection capability:

Anti-static safety shoes mainly use conductive soles and insulating uppers to prevent the accumulation of static electricity and protect the safety of workers. ESD safety shoes not only have conductive functions, but also can control electrostatic discharge to protect the safety of electronic equipment.

(4) Standard requirements:

Anti-static safety shoes usually comply with anti-static standards, such as EN 61340-5-1. ESD safety shoes are required to comply with more stringent ESD standards, such as EN 61340-5-2.

MK Safety Shoes is a safety shoes supplier with 15 years of experience in manufacturing safety shoes China. Unique understanding of the production and design of Anti-static safety shoes. Not only can we design comfortable and stylish shoes, but we can also make safety shoes multifunctional.

Next I will introduce 6 of our company’s best-selling anti-static safety shoes

MK A2011

This steel toe safety shoes uses high-quality cowhide leather uppers, which are effectively wear-resistant, oil-proof and waterproof. The breathable lining can effectively relieve workers’ feet from sweating. The sole adopts double PU injection molding sole, which has good wear resistance and excellent anti-slip performance. The toe part uses EU standard steel toe, and the midsole uses Kevlar bulletproof fabric midsole. It’s lightweight, puncture-proof, and smash-proof. Safety shoes that can effectively protect workers’ feet. The main reason why this pair of shoes has anti-static function is the use of anti-static comfortable insoles. A large number of anti-static wires are used at the bottom of the insole, which can effectively prevent the harm caused by static electricity. The advantages of this pair of shoes are: cheap, wear-resistant and non-slip, and long life. Moreover, this pair of shoes also has a CE certificate certified by the European Union, so the quality is guaranteed. If the quantity is larger, we will also give you 6 months guarantee period.

MK 1031

Anti-smashing and anti-stab, built-in steel toe cap steel plate, safe and comfortable without tired feet.

Wear-resistant, non-slip, deep and irregular rubber outsole.

The steel toe cap steel plate has a pressure resistance of 15000 Nand a piercing force of 200 J.

Steel toe, rubber edging, to prevent friction from blocking the upper; hard steel, to withstand the impact of (200+4) impact energy.

The steel plate has a smooth paint surface, which filters moisture and prevents moisture from contacting the steel.

Breathable mesh inner lining, sandwich breathable mesh inner wicking moisture and no stuffiness.

Lightweight and breathable upper, soft upper + lightweight rubber sole.

The heel protection technology can fit the feet safely, wear-resistant and impact-resistant, and walk stable.

Walking stability technology, stable support. It fits the feet safely and resists abrasion and impact.

Solid rubber outsole, wear-resistant, non-slip, irregular texture, stable and non-slip on the ground.

Kinetic energy sensor, only non-slip material can ensure the cushioning effect of the foot.

Many men’s insulated work boots are made of nubuck leather. Some have triple-sealed seams, protective rubber layers, and padded leather, while others have a Goodyear welt structure. All these features increase the durability of the shoes.

MK 3037

These fly-knit lightweight safety shoes look very stylish.

It uses a highly breathable mesh upper. It has the same breathable and lightweight functions as sports shoes.

The upper part of the toe is very light, no different from ordinary mesh shoes.

If you just look at it, you might think it’s just an ordinary pair of sneakers. However, this shoe has a plastic toe cap at the front, which can effectively prevent heavy objects from hitting the feet and damaging the safety of the feet. He also used a very light ballistic Kevlar cloth between the sole and insole, which prevents sharp objects from hitting the soles of the feet and injuring them.

The sole of this pair of shoes uses a very wear-resistant rubber sole, which has good wear resistance, and the texture of the sole makes it anti-slip. No need to worry about slipping in wet environment. Moreover, the insoles are made of special EVA elastic material, which is very comfortable on the feet without any feeling.

The bottom of the insole also uses anti-static wire, which can be used in environments with a lot of static electricity. It got a lot of recognition and good feedback. The main advantage of this shoe is that the shoe is very light, each shoe only weighs about 300 grams, which is not much different from the weight of ordinary sports mesh shoes. He also has many advantages that sneakers don’t have. Excellent anti-smashing and puncture resistance. The wear resistance is better and can be worn for a longer time. The anti-slip function of the sole is also not available in ordinary sports shoes. It also protects workers’ feet from static electricity. Such a pair of safety shoes with so many functions, the price is about the same as ordinary sports shoes. And they look stylish too, so why not own a pair?

MK 2047

The upper of this stylish safety shoes is made from soft, breathable suede, providing the same breathable, lightweight features you would expect from a sneaker.


The best insulated work boots for men are steel toe, plastic toe, or composite toe. These are protective reinforcements that prevent damage to the phalanges and metabones. Such injuries may result from falling or crushing heavy objects.


Insulated boots may be equipped with midsoles to prevent punctures underneath. The tread and lugs on the underside should be oil-proof, chemical-proof, slip-proof, and electric shock-proof. They should also be hard-wearing. Generally speaking, rubber or polyurethane are the most popular choices.


If you want to work in a cold, wet environment. Choose shoes made of warm and waterproof materials, such as Gore-Tex, Danier, etc., lined with oiled leather or Gore-Tex lining to keep water out.


Boots should support the arches, ankles, and calves. You’ll be on your feet all day, so they should be lightweight. Depending on your required dexterity and proximity risk of electrocution, these knife handles may be lined with steel or nylon.


You will be walking on wet, slick and slippery surfaces such as ice, wet roads, ramps, standing water, etc. The soles of your shoes should be close to the surface you are walking on. There should be an aggressive, multi-directional pattern on the sole. The lugs should lock into the material and pattern of the floor so that you can stay steady without any extra effort.

Other features, such as EVA or memory foam mid soles, anti-fatigue, perforated PU insoles, etc., will also be additional features of the shoes.

MK 0333

These work boots have a 5-inch shaft to keep you comfortable in the cold, rain and slush. The uppers of these boots are insulated and waterproof to keep you dry and warm.

The rubber outsole is made of soft rubber, which is oil-resistant, lightweight, non-marking, self-cleaning and non-slip properties. The orthopedic insole will support the arch of the foot, and the lacing system will support the foot from all directions.

The leather on the upper has a certain waterproof and splash-proof function, which can help the feet breathe while keeping the feet dry. There are also materials that provide waterproof and warmth. The rubber toe and bumper have abrasion resistance and stability. Ortholite insole has shock absorption function, in addition to fatigue, it can also eliminate peculiar smell. The Flex rubber outsole is suitable for rough surfaces that require flexible grip.

The PU sole can ensure the grip on concrete floors, ladder steps, uneven ground and other ground. Cushioning insoles provide all-day comfort and absorb shocks. And can keep you warm when working outdoors. There is a rubber bumper at the toe and heel to provide stability and protection.

MK A1008

Anti-smashing, anti-puncture, insulation, breathable and not stuffy feet.

No stuffy feet, no smelly feet, no grind feet.

Wear-resistant, non-slip out sole, oil-resistant, light and soft.

Designed for workers, safe, comfortable and durable.

Anti-smashing plastic steel head, soft suede, breathable fiber mesh, anti-stab Kevlar, wear-resistant beef tendon out sole.

The anti-smashing and anti-collision plastic steel head has a wide hemming design, which increases the movement space and is comfortable and does not grind your feet.

Flexible Kevlar, not afraid of thorns.

Rigid and flexible combined with Kevlar, puncture resistance ≥1100N, resistance to bending without board footing. Widen and cover the soles of the feet to prevent puncture by sharp objects and effective protection.

The upper is made of high-quality suede cowhide, which is delicate in texture, soft and resistant to bending, good air permeability, and has both abrasion resistance and anti-scalding properties.

The beef tendon out sole lasts for a long time.

The thick and wear-resistant beef tendon out sole, deepens irregular shading, enhances grip, and the uneven texture of the outer ring eliminates excess water flow and stabilizes and prevents slippage.

Stable heel, shock absorption and cushioning.

Thick and stable heel, cushioning impact, soft and resilient, semi-circular wrapping support, beautiful and practical without deformation.


How to use anti-static safety shoes correctly

  • Cleaning and maintenance: Clean anti-static safety shoes regularly to ensure that their conductivity is not affected by pollution or dust accumulation.
  • Wear correctly: Wear anti-static safety shoes correctly and ensure good contact between the soles and the ground so that static electricity can be effectively dispersed.
  • Cooperate with other protective measures: Anti-static safety shoes usually need to be used in conjunction with other protective measures, such as anti-static clothing, gloves, etc., to provide a comprehensive protective effect.



Author: Nicole