What are the cotton materials for winter safety shoes?

Autumn is in full swing when the leaves fall. Recently, many places have seen a precipitous drop in temperature, just like “overnight into winter”, we are also dressed from summer clothes to transition to autumn and winter clothes, protective supplies should also be changed to warmth-based. At this time, the factories also ushered in the peak of the purchase of safety shoes, high-top safety shoes are certainly on the list, autumn and winter wear both fashionable and warm.

High-top safety shoes , which can completely wrap around the ankle and protect the foot and ankle better; they also have two elements of fashion and warmth, and are the first choice of safety shoes in autumn and winter.

First of all, we would like to know a little bit about the upper part of the shoe. All the parts above the sole are sewn or otherwise combined into a single unit, which is called the upper in combination with the lining and outsole. The upper can be made from a variety of materials, including natural leather, synthetic materials or fabrics.

The most traditional and advantageous material for a workwear shoe is natural leather. Natural leather has good softness, moisture absorption and breathability, which allows the user to keep their feet dry, but because of these advantages, natural leather has a certain cost, so the price of the high tops will be higher.

High-top safety shoes are those with the highest tops, which can completely wrap around the ankle for better protection, although for certain work environments that require resistance to acids, alkalis and chemicals, we may also see shoes with tops above the ankle. This type of shoe is suitable for environments where there are more chemicals to protect the worker’s feet, ankles and lower legs. They also have a cold-proof effect in low-temperature environments, protecting the feet from the cold. It is also a safety shoe chosen by various hipsters at work, with the representative ones being the big yellow boots.

Inventory of the common cotton-added materials on the market are.

Lamb’s wool, which is known to be warmer than wool, is the wool that is first cut from young sheep. The warmth is undeniable, and it has a soft and delicate fleece, which is more elastic and feels better than ordinary wool. It is one of the common materials used to add cotton to winter labour protection shoes, with a thick fleece lining, comfortable and warm, not stuffy feet and good breathability.

Artificial hair, artificial hair is synthetic fur is the appearance of small animal fur is similar to the long plush type of textile. The plush is divided into two layers, the surface layer is bright and straight bristles, the inner layer is a delicate and soft short pile. It is often used in clothing, shoe linings, upholstery and carpets. Its appearance and pure natural fur contrast, basically can be false, and artificial fur also has a better quality, light and soft, colourful, affordable and other advantages, is one of the common inside of winter shoes.

Genuine fur, as the name implies is the animal skin and hair taken down together, this treatment, making the fur more soft, breathable, warm effect is better. Commonly, sheepskin fur is the majority. It is soft and comfortable and absorbs moisture well. Moisture can be quickly discharged through the pores of the sheepskin plate, so it can also resist mildew; the warmth effect is better, anti-wrinkle, will not return to moisture fur shoes can always be in a dry state inside.

Which are the best winter safety shoes and how to choose the right winter labour protection shoes? This question is a very popular one during the peak season for purchasing winter labour protection supplies. From a safety point of view, the foot is the part of the body that has a high injury rate, so choosing winter work shoes is not only about keeping warm and cold, but also about having safety and protection properties. So here we discuss with you as a winter footwear manufacturer how to purchase the right footwear in bulk and what are the considerations when purchasing in bulk. To help you get rid of your worries.

How to choose the right winter safety shoes

Before choosing, you should first analyse what are the main causes of foot injuries among staff, and choose the appropriate cold-proof labour protection shoes according to the working environment. It is an extremely important factor when choosing labour protection shoes to combine the working environment, the nature of the work and other protective features needed to choose the right labour protection shoes for you.

The material of the shoes should be distinguishable from the material of the shoes, a good material can better isolate the wind and cold, the upper material leather is preferred, and at the same time see whether the inner material is warm. The heavier the shoe, the better the warmth. The heavier the shoe, the better the warmth. In winter, when you are wearing thick work clothes, it is difficult to move around, so if the shoes are bulky and heavy, it is a problem to walk, let alone work.

MK Safety Shoes is a safety shoes supplier with 15 years of experience in manufacturing safety shoes China. Unique understanding of the production and design of Anti-static safety shoes. Not only can we design comfortable and stylish shoes, but we can also make safety shoes multifunctional.

Next I will introduce 6 of our company’s High-top safety shoes

MK A2021


First-layer nubuck leather is a high-quality leather material with excellent wear resistance and durability. This allows the top-layer nubuck leather high-top safety shoes to withstand the test of various working environments, such as construction sites, manufacturing and logistics industries. Whether you’re working outdoors or indoors, these shoes will protect you for a long time.

Safety performance

This work boots is designed to provide complete safety protection. They are usually equipped with anti-puncture, anti-slip and anti-static features to ensure safety during work. Whether you’re working on slippery surfaces or need to protect your feet from sharp objects, these shoes will provide you with the necessary protection.


In addition to providing excellent safety features, this safety shoe also focuses on comfort. They often come with comfortable padding and ventilation holes to ensure your feet are comfortable and ventilated during extended wear. In addition, the high-top design can provide additional ankle support and reduce fatigue caused by standing or walking for long periods of time.


Compared with traditional safety shoes, these high-top safety shoes are more fashionable in appearance. With their well-designed appearance and wide range of color options, they allow you to express your personality while you work. This fashionability makes high-top nubuck leather safety shoes not just work shoes, but a reflection of fashion taste.

MK A2015

Quality and durability

This timberland work boots is known for its superior quality and durability. These work boots are made from the highest quality first-grain leather and undergo careful craftsmanship to ensure the boots offer excellent wear and tear resistance. It can withstand the test and provide reliable protection whether it is on construction sites, farmland, outdoor adventures or other harsh environments.

Comfort and support

In addition to quality and durability, these top-leather timberland work boots focus on comfort and support. These boots feature specially designed insoles and soles that provide extra cushioning and support, reducing pressure on your feet and ankles. Whether standing, walking or working on uneven terrain for long periods of time, these work boots provide a comfortable fit to help workers stay in good working condition.

Anti-slip and safe

Top layer timberland work boots also offer excellent slip resistance and safety features. They feature high-grade rubber or specially designed soles to ensure a stable footing on slippery or greasy surfaces. In addition, these work boots are equipped with steel toe or composite protective covers to effectively protect the feet from heavy objects, sharp objects or other potential hazards.

MK A2009

These high-top waterproof safety shoes are made of scientifically selected high-quality cowhide. The texture is fine and firm, elastic, soft and delicate. It has strong breathability and wrapping properties. It is more wear-resistant than ordinary materials. It is warm, waterproof, oil-resistant and resistant. Acid and alkali.

Anti-collision steel toe, the shoes has a built-in steel toe cap and Kevlar midsole, which can prevent nails and other sharp objects from piercing the sole of the foot. Reinforced and anti-collision, protecting your feet and feeling considerate.

The anti-slip PU outsole with concave and convex patterns, scientifically distributed concave and convex density, and super grippy anti-slip design provide you with a good walking experience and can handle any slippery surface.

Thermal lining provides you with a good comfortable temperature experience inside the shoe, keeping you warm and comfortable. 360-degree three-dimensional pedicure last, a scientifically designed perfect shoe last, combined with the human foot shape, to maintain the shape of the shoe as much as possible, making the feet slender and comfortable, without loosening or squeezing.

MK 1046

Made from suede, these high-top safety boots are durable yet soft to wear. The engineered outsole provides perfect traction, oil resistance and slip resistance.

Slip on work boots protects you from sharp objects such as nails while working, rocks while hiking, and sharp turf while gardening.

A single-density polyurethane footbed with a shock-absorbing heel pad supports the lower back and legs, providing reliable comfort during long workdays.

security function

Anti-slip, oil-resistant and wear-resistant spiral threaded rubber sole

Comfortable steel-toed work boots provide extra protection, stability and traction for all terrains. Anti-collision toe and shock-absorbing reinforced heel.

A warm, padded lining paired with a premium insole provides endless cushioning and comfort. Easy to put on and take off. The cushioning and removable insole has microfiber function, is breathable, sweat-absorbent and quick-drying.

Soft leather reduces pain when braking, making it a comfortable new pair of steel-toe work boots. No more need to take off your boots while working. Insole removal option provides your own custom insole for ultimate comfort.


This is abase safety shoes suitable for various industries. It is a very common safety shoe in the traditional sense. This shoe features a cowhide upper and a PU injection-molded one-piece sole. Very wear-resistant and non-slip. The upper is also somewhat waterproof and oil-proof. As for the lines on the surface of the shoes, you can change the overall color according to your own preferences. The toe box is made of steel and the midsole is made of steel plate. Excellent anti-smashing and puncture resistance. There are also some luminous strips on the back of the shoes to make you more eye-catching under the light. This shoe is our best selling shoe. The usage is relatively large, the quality is relatively good, and problems rarely occur. A safety shoe with a cheap price and excellent cost performance.

If you work in industrial and heavy industry, I recommend this shoe. Simple, comfortable, safe and reliable.



This is a waterproof safety shoes with a two-layer cowhide upper. Lots of features and very good quality. It has many functions: anti-slip, anti-smash, anti-puncture, wear-resistant, oil-proof and so on. The sole is made of PU injection molded in one piece, and the lining is made of breathable and comfortable material. It’s not stuffy and very light. It is a very cost-effective safety shoe, which is why I recommend it to everyone here. This pair of shoes is selling very well, if you want to use better materials, we can also customize them for you. These shoes can also be made into very high-end shoes.

If your working environment is water-based or oil-based, you can choose this pair of shoes, which are not only lightweight but also practical and very fashionable.

What are the considerations for bulk purchasing of winter safety shoes.

The brand name of the shoe has credibility, and the quality is guaranteed to keep you warm while doing a good job of safety and protection. The manufacturers of big brands have their own factories and production lines, which are in line with national standards and are more reassuring to wear. In the purchase of winter protective shoes manufacturers can let manufacturers provide the same industry cooperation customer cases, generally speaking have the same industry cooperation customers, brand power will not be poor.

Remember to ask the manufacturer to provide the relevant quality test report, quality test report is for the product for safety performance testing, quality assessment, it is an important basis for detecting whether the quality is qualified. As the interior of the cold-proof labour protection shoes will be made of cotton, for the other performance indicators (such as anti-smashing, anti-puncture, anti-static, insulation, etc.) can meet the standards, the inspection report should prevail, rather than the labour protection shoes manufacturer’s mouth said to meet the standards.

Author: Nicole