What is PU leather?

PU leather,  is a type of artificial leather made from thermoplastic polymers and used to make furniture or shoes. 100% PU leather is completely man-made and considered vegan. There are some types of PU leather called double cast leather which have real leather but have a polyurethane coating on top. This kind of PU leather is the remaining fiber part when cowhide is used to make genuine leather, and a layer of polyurethane is coated on it.

PU leather also has some names. Whether you’re looking for faux leather or want to avoid it, it’s good to know the many names that make up faux leather. From the label, artificial leather can be called:

  • PU leather
  • Two-tone leather
  • Split leather
  • Bonded leather
  • Regenerated leather
  • Corrected Grain Leather

PU Leather Advantages:

  • PU leather is less costly than real leather because it is easier to manufacture.
  • PU does not absorb water and is easy to clean.
  • 100% PU leather is vegan.
  • PU leather can be made into various colors and styles.
  • Unlike leather, PU leather will not dry out over time.
  • More sustainable as it uses fewer resources to manufacture.

What is Microfiber Leather?

Microfiber leather is a kind of synthetic leather, which is composed of microfiber non-woven fabric and a layer of high-performance PU (polyurethane) resin.

In the industry, microfiber leather is considered the newest version and highest quality of synthetic leather. The microfiber leather is a great upgrade from the original PU leather, a traditional fabric coated with polyurethane resin.

What are the properties of microfiber leather?

  • Looks and feels like leather
  • breathable
  • Antibacterial and anti-odor
  • light
  • Hydrophobic substances
  • Eco-friendly
  • Washable

Difference :

  1. Price difference. At present, the price range of ordinary PU on the market is generally 15-30 (meters), while the price range of general microfiber leather is 50-150 (meters), so the price of microfiber leather is several times that of ordinary PU.
  2. The surface performance is different. Although the surface layer of microfiber leather and ordinary PU is polyurethane resin, ordinary PU, which has been popular for many years, has many more colors and styles than microfiber leather. But in general, the polyurethane resin on the surface of the microfiber leather is stronger than ordinary PU in terms of abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and hydrolysis resistance, and the color fastness and texture will also be stronger.
  3. The material of base cloth is different. Ordinary PU is made of knitted fabric, woven fabric or non-woven fabric, and then coated with polyurethane resin. Microfiber leather is made of microfiber leather non-woven fabric with three-dimensional structure, coated with high-performance polyurethane resin. The different materials, processes and technical standards of the base fabric have a decisive impact on the performance of the microfiber leather.
  4. The performance is different. Microfiber leather is superior to ordinary PU in strength, wear resistance, moisture absorption, comfort and other performance indicators. In layman’s terms, it is more like genuine leather, more durable, and feels better.
  5. Market prospect. In the ordinary PU market, due to the low technical threshold, severe excess capacity, fierce competition, product shrinkage and material shortage, it does not adapt to the constantly upgrading consumption concept, and the market prospect is worrying. Due to the high technical threshold and limited production capacity, microfiber leather is more and more recognized by consumers, and the market has a large room for growth.

Microfiber leather and ordinary PU represent products at different development stages of artificial synthetic leather, so they have a certain substitution effect. It is believed that with the recognition of more and more people, microfiber leather will be more widely used in all aspects of human life.

PU leather refers to ordinary PU leather, with polyurethane surface layer plus non-woven fabric or woven fabric, the performance is average, and the price is mostly between 10-30 yuan per meter.

Microfiber leather is a kind of microfiber PU synthetic leather. A high-performance polyurethane surface layer is attached to a microfiber base fabric. Has excellent properties, especially abrasion and scratch resistance. The price is usually between 50-150 per meter.

Genuine leather, or natural leather, is made from skins that are peeled off from animals. It has very good breathability and comfort. Genuine leather (top layer leather) is more expensive than microfiber leather.

Leather and microfiber are two completely different things, although the support fabric for fake leather is sometimes made with microfiber.

Microfiber is simply a fiber weighing less than 1 denier, or 1 gram per 9000 meters. Initially, the textile industry could only produce fibers above 1 denier. For a while, very fine fibers, known as microfibers, were developed as a cheaper alternative to silk. Today, they are used in more applications than imitation silk.

Microfiber is also used as a general term to describe:

Polyester microfiber, the most common microfiber (but there are others such as polyolefin microfibers, silk is also a microfiber);

A fabric made from microfibers, usually polyester microfibers in turn.

Microfibers are made from woven fabrics, although microfibers are also commonly used in knitted fabrics.

If we’re comparing leather to “microfiber,” we should think that microfiber in this case means a woven fabric made of polyester microfiber. in this case:

Leather is more or less waterproof depending on how it is treated. In contrast, microfiber fabrics are usually very high in capillary action, unless of course it has been specially treated or coated to stop capillary action.

Microfiber fabrics are generally more flexible than the thinnest leather.

The thin skin is somewhat stretchy and is usually the same in all directions. Microfiber woven fabrics, like any woven fabric, have little stretch in width and length, but are much more stretchable diagonally than leather. Knitted microfiber fabrics, on the other hand, are generally more resilient than leather.

Aside from some forms of wear and tear, microfiber woven fabrics are more durable than leather in the same weight range.

MK Safety Shoes is a safety shoes supplier with 15 years of experience in manufacturing safety shoes China. Unique understanding of the production and design of Anti-static safety shoes. Not only can we design comfortable and stylish shoes, but we can also make safety shoes multifunctional.

Next I will introduce 6 of our company’s leather safety shoes

MK A1007

This steel toe safety shoes is made of high-quality second-layer leather, which has high wear resistance and durability. This material can effectively protect the feet from external objects, such as sharp objects, pressure from heavy objects, etc. The two-layer leather upper also has good breathability and comfort, allowing the wearer to keep the feet dry and comfortable during long hours of work and reduce the occurrence of foot fatigue.

Secondly, rubber soles are also an integral part of safety shoes. The rubber sole has excellent wear resistance and anti-slip properties, which can effectively prevent workers from slipping or falling on slippery floors. There are often various liquids, oils, etc. in the workplace, which increase the risk of injury to workers. The design and material selection of the rubber sole can provide good grip, allowing workers to stand and walk stably, reducing the possibility of falls and slips. In addition, the rubber sole can effectively absorb shock and cushion the impact of the foot, reducing pressure and fatigue on the foot.

MK A1003

Sturdy industrial safety shoes keep your feet safe, with a steel toe box to protect you and a non-slip rubber outsole to keep you stable on a variety of surfaces.

This is the second waterproof work boots I recommend. This shoe is a favorite among our construction industry workers. Of course, this can also apply to warehouse wear. It can protect the feet of construction workers and, of course, the feet of warehouse workers. Last year we sold over 10,000 pairs of safety shoes. Not only is it of good quality, it’s also durable. He uses steel toes and plates. The weight is a little heavier than fashion safety shoes. But his safety is also high. It can effectively protect workers’ feet safety. Can be used in slightly harsh environments. And you don’t have to worry about its service life. It also uses shock-absorbing technology in the sole, which allows people to stand and walk for a long time without feeling tired.

MK 1043

MK1043 is S3 safety category, with European standard steel toe, puncture-resistant steel plate, and rubber tendon outsole. The rubber outsole makes the shoe extremely heat resistant.

This is the third leather work boots I recommend. This is a relatively fashionable pair of safety shoes. High quality nubuck leather upper. The mid-top design makes it effectively waterproof and oil-proof, protecting the safety of the ankle. The sole of his shoe consists of two pieces. The front part is an Oxford sole, and the back part uses a model sole. The front sole also uses stitching technology. Make the upper and sole stick together more firmly. Greatly improve service life. Shock-absorbing technology and in-shoe ventilation keep the shoe dry at all times. Greatly increase the wearing life. Using European standard steel toes and steel plates, it has excellent anti-smash and puncture resistance. This shoe has all the benefits of a safety shoe. The price is slightly higher.

MK 2055

MKsafety executive safety shoes, the upper is made of waterproof smooth microfiber leather, and the interior is antibacterial and comfortable. One-step design makes it easy to put on and take off. Great for offices and visitors.

This is my fifth recommended safety shoe. It is a relatively basic safety shoe. The design is very simple. Very similar to our daily leather shoes. The appearance design is relatively simple. He used a classic smooth cowhide surface. The sole is made of dual-density injection molded PU sole. Uses standard steel toe and plate. The anti-smash and anti-puncture properties are very good. The anti-slip properties of the sole are excellent. The main point of these shoes is that they are relatively cheap. The cost is relatively low. Great for warehouse workers.

MK 2048

The wide toe box of these non-slip shoes features a wide steel safety toe that is 3mm wider to provide more room for your toes.

This is my fifth recommended work boot. This shoe is made using Goodyear’s stitching technology. The connection between sole and upper is very strong. Can be worn for a long time without degumming. It uses high-quality microfiber leather uppers that are breathable, waterproof, and oil-proof, and high-quality rubber soles with excellent anti-slip properties and excellent corrosion resistance. Of course, the soles have good shock-absorbing technology, and the composite human body mechanics design allows people to stand and walk for a long time without feeling tired. The design in the middle can effectively protect the ankle. Its advantages: excellent anti-slip safety performance, safe and fashionable, and can relieve foot fatigue.

MK 2045

Most comfortable work boots feature a mid-cut design, a rugged, stylish look, and a comfortable waterproof microfiber leather upper. Belongs to the comfortable work boots series, with safety level S1 and available in 3 different colors.

These are the last work boots I recommend. This shoe is also made with Goodyear’s seaming technology. It uses high-quality second-layer leather upper, which is breathable, waterproof and oil-proof, and high-quality PU sole, which has excellent anti-slip performance and excellent corrosion resistance. The design in the middle can effectively protect the ankle. Made with European standard steel toe box and Kevlar mid sole. Make the shoe very light. This type of shoe is very sturdy and can be used for a long time, but the price is relatively high and the production cost is also relatively expensive. It is a high-end safety shoe. But you get what you pay for, and the quality is excellent.

Here are 6 leather safety shoes we recommend. Is there anything you like? If not, which type of safety shoes do you prefer? You can tell me and we will do it for you.

Author: Nicole