MKsafety® - MK0703 - Blue safety protection anti static work boots

Insulated shoes are not anti-static.

Insulating shoes is a kind of safety shoes made with insulating materials. The scope of application of electrically insulating shoes is clearly stated in the new standard: electrically insulating leather shoes and cloth-covered electrically insulating shoes with a test voltage of 15KV or less are used in the working environment of power frequency (50-60F) below 1000V, and the test voltage is above 15KV. The electrical insulating rubber shoes of the city are suitable for working environment with power frequency above 1000V.

The so-called insulation refers to the use of insulating materials to seal the charged body, thereby isolating the charged body or conductors of different potentials, so that the current can flow according to a certain path. Good insulation is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of equipment and lines, and it is also an important measure to prevent electric shock accidents. Insulating materials often play other roles: heat dissipation and cooling, mechanical support and fixation, energy storage, arc extinguishing, moisture proof, mildew proof, and conductor protection.

Now with the continuous development of the economy, many things have been further improved, and the use of anti-static safety shoes is still very extensive.

Function and principle of anti-static safety shoes

Anti-static safety shoes can not only eliminate the accumulation of static electricity on the human body, but also prevent electric shocks from power supplies below 250V. Of course, the sole insulation of safety shoes must be considered to prevent the hazards of electric induction or electric shock. Its requirements must meet the GB21146-2007 personal protective equipment professional shoes standard.

Anti-static safety shoes can guide static electricity from the human body to the ground, thereby eliminating the static electricity of the human body, and also effectively inhibiting the dust generated by people walking in the clean room. Anti-static safety shoes are a classification of safety shoes, suitable for pharmaceutical factories, food factories, clean workshops of electronics factories, laboratories, etc.

The anti-static safety shoes are made of PU or PVC material, which is a dissipative material. The sole is made of anti-static and non-slip material, which can not only absorb sweat and deodorize, but also achieve anti-slip and anti-static functions. It is integrally formed with the upper and then reinforced on the line. It can effectively leak static electricity and form a complete anti-static system together with anti-static clothing.

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