Identify better industrial safety shoes

MKsafety® - MK0413 - Anti slip and anti smashing martin steel toe work boots-1

Industrial safety shoes have high strength and high frequency, so their upper is particularly important. The factory uses suede cowhide, which is strong and wear-resistant, and its service life is greatly extended. The sides of the shoes are made of high-quality breathable soft cloth, and the precise stitching technology allows you to enjoy the cool and breathable comfort in the hot summer on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is also durable, beautiful and practical. The toe of the non-slip industrial safety shoes adopts a round toe design, which is mainly used to facilitate the movement of workers in high-intensity working environments such as construction site manufacturing, metal stamping plants, thermal power plants, auto repair warehouses, and other high-intensity working environments. The shoe cover can effectively buffer the collision between the toes and the outside world, so as to achieve the anti-smashing function. The adhesion of the upper and sole of the safety shoes is made of PU injection molding technology, so there is no need to worry about it being degummed like other inferior shoes. The sole is stronger than ordinary shoes, and it is not easy to open the glue.


At present, when some factories are making industrial safety shoes, they do not consider the safety of future users and use some unqualified artificial leather to make shoe uppers. Generally speaking, leather is elastic when you feel it with your hands, while artificial leather is more rigid than plastic. There are no obvious fine lines even when pressed. What the general public knows is to smell it with the nose. Genuine leather has a strong smell of processed fur. Needless to say, artificial leather certainly has a plastic feel. A spray dog ​​with a lighter can ignite the upper. If it is leather, it will smell like burnt hair after burning, and there will be no lumps afterwards, and it will become powder with a light touch, while artificial leather is powdered and flamed because of plastic. There will definitely be a pungent smell after contact, and there will be a summary. Furthermore, the absorption performance of real cowhide is very good.

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