MKsafety® work shoes successfully passed the new standard test

MKsafety® - MK0352 - Goodyear welt non slip men's pull on work boots-1

Recently, the National Labor Protection Products Testing and Inspection Center carried out the safety shoes (work shoes) of MKsafety® Co., Ltd. in accordance with the new safety footwear standard GB21148-2007 “Personal Protective Equipment Safety Shoes” and “Special Labor Protection Products Safety Mark Product Testing and Inspection Specifications” Sampling and testing, Anbang’s toe-protecting safety shoes (work shoes), 6KV electrical insulation safety shoes (work shoes), anti-static safety shoes (work shoes) and anti-puncture safety shoes (work shoes) have all passed the new standard test. , All performance meets the requirements of the test items.

The items tested according to the new safety shoes standard this time include: finished shoe upper/field bonding strength, finished shoe toe protection general requirements and internal length, finished shoe impact resistance, finished shoe pressure resistance, finished shoe metal protection Corrosion resistance of the toe cap, tear strength of the upper, tensile properties of the upper, abrasion resistance of the insole, abrasion resistance of the insole, thickness of the outsole, degree of tearing of the outsole, flexural resistance of the outsole, hydrolysis of the outsole, thorn resistance of the sole Penetration ability, anti-puncture pad flexural performance, metal anti-puncture pad corrosion resistance, finished shoe electrical performance, anti-static electrical performance, energy absorption in the shoe seat area, identification, etc., tested dozens of items, and the results of the inspection The data shows that MKsafety®’s series of safety shoes (work shoes) products can meet the new national standards, and all the data are superior to the new national safety shoes standards.

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