Safety shoes concept

Safety shoes generally refer to footwear that protects the feet and legs from the work environment and is worn in different work situations.

Usually we call it labor insurance shoes, which can protect us from some foreseeable injuries when used in labor.

Types of safety shoes:

1. Divided by material: 1. The first layer of leather safety shoes2. Cow split leather safety shoes, 3. Suede safety shoes

2. Divided by function: 1. Anti-smashing safety shoes (basic function) 2. Anti-puncture safety shoes 3. Anti-static safety shoes

4. Insulated safety shoes 5. Anti-acid and alkali safety shoes 6. Oil-proof and non-slip safety shoes 7. High temperature safety shoes

In addition, for the function of safety shoes, the choice of sole has a great impact on the function. Let’s understand

The most commonly used sole materials:

1. PU material: light weight, good softness, comfortable to wear, good abrasion resistance, but PU is easily soluble in water, so it has poor water and oil resistance;

2. Rubber: heavy weight, good abrasion resistance, good oil and shock resistance

3. TPU: It has good elasticity, toughness and adhesion. It can be considered as a combination of all the advantages of PU and rubber, but because of the high price, it is recommended to choose.

Precautions for use and maintenance

1. First of all, it is recommended that everyone choose safety shoes of the right size, which will help maintain the user’s foot health and the life of the safety shoes.

2. Secondly, pay attention to personal hygiene during use, and keep feet and soles clean and dry.

3. Maintenance reminder: To clean the safety shoes regularly, do not use solvents as cleaning agents.

4. The soles must also be wiped frequently to avoid adhesion of dirt, as the conductivity or anti-static performance of the soles will be affected.

5. The safety shoes should be stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place.

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