The main factors that determine the price of safety shoes

high-quality safety shoes

1. The safety shoes are mainly used in the upper and sole. The different materials used in the upper determine the price of the safety shoes to a large extent. For example, whether the upper is made of cowhide or PU leather, or other materials. Is it imported cowhide or domestic cowhide, and how thick the cowhide is. What kind of cowhide is it, the piece of cowhide on the cow, and so on. The material of the sole mainly depends on which material is used. At present, there are more rubber soles, PU soles, TPU soles, etc. on the market.

2. The safety shoes that need to be used in different workplaces have different functions, so safety shoes are divided into toe protection safety shoes, puncture-proof safety shoes, electrical insulation safety shoes, anti-static safety shoes, acid and alkali resistant safety shoes. Shoes etc. Safety shoes are personal protective equipment, which mainly protect the feet of workers. It has high technical content and high added value.

3. The workmanship of safety shoes is very important. Good upper and sole materials are available. Without a good production process, the safety shoes produced will not be easy to use and not durable. The production of safety shoes has high requirements on raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemicals, machinery and equipment. Therefore, different materials, different performance of labor insurance shoes, different workmanship and different brands all determine the price of safety shoes.

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