anti static safety shoes

anti static safety shoes

According to the safety requirements of customers and the characteristics of anti-static shoes, MKsafety® summarizes the following precautions for wearing anti-static safety shoes: remind employees to pay attention

Anti-static safety shoes are divided into outdoor wear and indoor wear. The ones worn indoors are generally anti-static shoes in the style of slippers, while those worn outdoors are anti-static shoes in the style of leather or cloth shoes.

The principle of deriving static electricity is the same regardless of whether they are worn indoors or outdoors. They are all to remove the static electricity accumulated by the human body out of the body and reduce the harm of static electricity to the human body. We make anti-static safety shoes to better discharge the static electricity of the human body. In the production of anti-static safety shoes, some are equipped with a conductive box on the sole, and some are added with a conductive agent, but the insoles of the safety shoes are all sewn with conductive Wire, this conductive wire is to better lead out the static electricity of the human body, so that it forms a loop with the sole of the foot, thereby introducing the static electricity of the human body into the ground. In places where you need to wear anti-static safety shoes, you should also wear pure cotton clothing and socks on your clothes, so as to reduce the static electricity that should be caused by friction.

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