What is the main difference between anti-static safety shoes and electrician shoes?

Many friends will have this question when they buy safety shoes for the first time. In fact, the difference between the two is obvious. One is made of anti-static material and the other is made of insulating material. The specific difference is below.

The difference between anti-static safety shoes and electrician shoes:
First of all, the resistance of anti-static safety shoes is different from that of electrical shoes.
Generally speaking, the insulation resistance is greater than 1012Ω, and the antistatic resistance is between 106Ω and 1012Ω. The insulating rubber is non-conductive, and the anti-static material is conductive, but the resistance value is relatively large. The standard requirement is between 106 and 109.

Secondly, the performance of anti-static safety shoes and electrician shoes are different.
Anti-static safety shoes can eliminate the accumulation of static electricity on the human body and prevent electric shocks below 6KV, and can lead the static electricity accumulated on the human body into the underground through the anti-static safety shoes. Anti-static safety shoes can generally be worn by people. In winter, the air is dry and static electricity is easily generated on the human body. Wearing anti-static safety shoes can also prevent people from being struck by static electricity. The soles of electrical shoes are made of non-conductive insulating materials, which can isolate the human body from the earth, so that even if the human body touches the conductive body, it will not cause an electric shock accident.

Finally, the application range of anti-static safety shoes and insulating shoes is different.
Anti-static safety shoes are mainly suitable for dust-free workplaces in the petroleum, chemical, coal, printing, rubber, medical, purification, and electronics industries. During use, friction does not generate static electricity and needs to be used with anti-static clothing. Electrician shoes can only be used by maintenance electricians at work to reduce the risk of electric shock.
It can be seen that there are still many differences between anti-static safety shoes and electrician shoes. The two are not only different in principle, but also cannot be mixed and used in place of work, otherwise it will easily cause dangerous situations.

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