Why electronic equipment factories must wear anti-static safety shoes

MKsafety® - MK1320 - White electrical protection anti static shoes with ESD function

MKsafety® - MK1320 - White electrical protection anti static shoes with ESD function

More and more electronics manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for their own production environment. In fact, the most direct requirement is that they hope that no static electricity will be generated during the production process. Therefore, anti-static safety shoes have become what they think A very good product. Such a shoe itself is an electronic semiconductor material, and it incorporates many different designs. Applying it in the electronic production workshop, it can effectively prevent static electricity and help itself produce better products. A good product can also protect its employees. This is a great thing.

One of the biggest features of anti-static safety shoes is that they can eliminate some of the static electricity accumulated in the human body. At the same time, they can also effectively prevent electric shocks from some shop assistants below 250 volts. Of course, there are indeed some insulated shoes on the market. But if you choose insulated shoes, it is difficult for them to achieve this effect as the shoes in the entire production workshop. Even conductive shoes and such shoes are essentially different. Conductive shoes do have the best The conductivity, it can help the human body to eliminate more accumulated current in a short time, but it can only be used in places where there is no danger of electric shock. Therefore, using such shoes is the best choice for some electronics manufacturers. .

Anti-static safety shoes also have certain requirements during the wearing process. There should be some anti-static insoles when wearing, and some static electricity of the human body can be introduced into the earth when working on the ground, any resistance When passing or disconnecting, it will bring some harmful static electricity to the body itself, which is absolutely not allowed in the production department. Therefore, in some important departments, there should be special resistance tests. The instrument can test the anti-static duck-tongue shoes worn by each staff member to see if they have leakage requirements. This is the reason why many people need anti-static shoes.

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