Why should oil depots and gas stations equip employees with anti-static safety shoes?

We all know that in oil depots and oil stations, the frequent dangers are explosions and fires, as well as related dangers caused by electrostatic clicks. The reason for the above-mentioned danger? The main reason is that there is a large amount of static electricity in the operation place of the oil depot and oil station. Therefore, we require that the oil depot and oil station must equip employees with anti-static safety shoes to ensure the normal production of the operation and prevent the occurrence of danger.

oil depots and gas stations

Static electricity is generated by the friction of two different substances. There are a large number of oil products stored in oil depots and frequent oil product receiving and dispatching operations, so the existence of static electricity is inevitable. The charged human body is more dangerous than the charged machine equipment, because people move around. If walking or operating in a dangerous place, it is equal to 1 flowing fire. Therefore, the anti-static of the human body cannot be ignored.

Wear anti-static safety shoes and use conductive ground. The human body is insulated from the ground to accumulate static electricity. If the generated static electricity is dissipated from the ground, the human body cannot be charged. From the perspective of anti-static, a substance with a resistance of less than 108Ω is a conductor. Wearing anti-static safety shoes is a conductor for static electricity, and an insulator for power frequency alternating current, as well as anti-electric shock performance.

Wearing anti-static safety shoes must be on conductive ground to be effective. The grounds such as soil, sand, cement, etc. have a resistance of no more than 106Ω, and they are all electrostatic conductors. Conductive ground should be used wherever combustible gas and flammable liquid may leak.

Because static electricity accidents at oil depots are extremely destructive, and explosions and fire accidents are the most serious ones. Therefore, strengthening electrostatic protection and allowing employees to wear anti-static safety shoes correctly is very important for the safe operation of oil depots. , It can also effectively reduce other hazards caused by static electricity. Safety is no small matter, we must be cautious!

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