Non slip safety shoes

Non slip safety shoes are a kind of protective shoes specially designed for workers. They are mainly used to protect the feet of workers during work and prevent slipping accidents. In many industries, such as construction, manufacturing, logistics, etc., workers need to work on slippery, uneven surfaces, so choosing suitable non slip safety shoes is crucial for workers.

1.The importance of non slip safety shoes

In the workplace, slip and fall accidents are a common workplace injury that can result in worker injury or even disability. Especially when working on slippery floors, workers are more likely to slip and fall. The design purpose of non slip safety shoes is to reduce the occurrence of slip accidents and protect the safety of workers.

Non slip safety shoes provide extra friction and increase workers’ stability on slippery surfaces by using special sole designs and materials. This additional friction can effectively reduce the risk of workers slipping, thereby reducing the incidence of work-related accidents. Therefore, it is very important for workers to choose a suitable pair of non slip safety shoes.

2.Functions and characteristics of non slip safety shoes

Special sole design

The soles of non slip safety shoes are usually made of wear-resistant, oil-resistant and high-temperature-resistant materials, such as rubber or special polymer materials. This special sole design can provide better grip and increase friction with the ground. Anti-slip safety shoes can maintain stable anti-slip performance whether on slippery floors, grease stains or high temperature environments.

Anti-slip pattern

The soles of anti-slip safety shoes usually have a special pattern design, which can increase the contact area between the sole and the ground and provide better grip. The design of the anti-skid pattern can effectively eliminate liquid or debris between the sole and the ground, thereby ensuring good friction.


Anti-slip safety shoes have an ergonomic design that provides good support and cushioning. They often feature breathable, moisture-wicking and antibacterial lining materials to keep feet dry and comfortable. Non-slip safety shoes also have arch support and toe protection to reduce the pressure and fatigue on your feet caused by standing for long periods of time.


Non-slip safety shoes usually need to withstand the impact and friction of heavy objects, so they need to have strong wear and corrosion resistance. The uppers are usually made of high-strength materials that can effectively resist impacts and scratches. The soles are made of oil-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant materials, which can resist the erosion of some chemical substances.

Anti-slip safety shoes are widely used in industry and construction. Many workplaces, such as factories, warehouses and construction sites, have slippery floors due to oil, water stains or other liquid residues. In these environments, workers are often required to stand or walk for long periods of time and therefore require reliable non-slip footwear to protect their safety. Non-slip safety shoes not only reduce slip and fall accidents, but also help workers maintain balance and stability, reducing fatigue and discomfort.

In addition, non-slip safety shoes can provide additional protection against puncture and impact injuries. In industrial environments, sharp objects and heavy objects can cause serious injuries. The soles of non-slip safety shoes are usually made of sturdy material that prevents sharp objects from puncturing the foot. Moreover, the toe box part has also been reinforced to protect the toes from being hit by heavy objects. These protective measures can effectively reduce the risk of injury to workers in hazardous environments.

In addition to their applications in industry and construction, anti-slip safety shoes also play a role in other areas. For example, in hospitals and laboratories, floors are often contaminated with chemicals, which can easily cause slip and fall accidents. Non-slip safety shoes can provide extra protection to ensure the safety of medical staff and laboratory workers during their work.

However, while anti-slip safety shoes play an important role in the workplace, there are still some challenges. First, some workers may find non-slip safety shoes less comfortable because they are typically heavier than regular shoes and have stiffer soles. In addition, non-slip safety shoes are often more expensive, which can be a financial burden for some businesses and individuals. Therefore, as a safety shoe supplier, we need to continuously improve product design, improve comfort, and seek better cost-effective solutions.

MK Safety Shoes is a safety shoes supplier with 15 years of experience in manufacturing safety shoes in China. Unique understanding of safety shoes production and design. Not only can we design shoes that are comfortable and stylish, we can also make safety shoes versatile.

Next, I will introduce to you the 6 anti-slip shoes of our company that are most suitable for the workplace.

MK A2017

Excellent anti-slip properties

This stylish safety shoes is designed with advanced materials designed to provide superior slip resistance. Its special sole texture and material effectively increase the friction between the shoes and the ground, making workers more stable in slippery or greasy environments. Whether in factory workshops, construction sites or other places where anti-skid protection is required, these safety shoes can provide workers with reliable anti-skid protection.

Comfort and breathability

In addition to safety features, these non-slip suede safety shoes also focus on comfort. They are made of high-quality suede leather with a soft texture and good breathability, allowing feet to breathe freely and reducing foot fatigue. Shoes often feature comfortable padding and support on the inside to provide extra cushioning and support to keep workers comfortable during long workdays.

Durability and protection

The durability of this non-slip suede safety shoe is another great feature. They are well designed and sturdy made to withstand heavy pressure and daily wear and tear. These shoes typically feature strong materials such as abrasion-resistant rubber soles and reinforced toe boxes for extra protection and durability. Workers can safely wear these shoes in various harsh environments without worrying about their quality and protective performance.

MK 0377

Anti-slip properties

This non-slip leather work boots uses advanced materials and technology designed to provide superior slip resistance. PU outsole with excellent traction effectively reduces the risk of slipping on slippery or greasy surfaces. This special design allows workers to walk stably in various complex working environments without worrying about injuries due to slipping.

Comfort and durability

This leather safety shoe is made of high-quality leather material with good breathability and antibacterial properties, which can effectively reduce foot odor and the risk of bacterial infection. At the same time, its design also takes into account the comfort of the feet, providing good support and cushioning to reduce the pressure on the feet from standing or walking for a long time. In addition, non-slip leather safety shoes also have a long service life and can withstand various wear and impacts in the work environment.

Diverse application scenarios

Whether on a construction site, factory floor, catering industry or medical facility, this non-slip leather safety shoe provides workers with a stable and safe working environment. They can help workers operate heavy machinery on slippery floors, make it safer for chefs in the catering industry to walk on greasy floors, and provide steady steps for medical staff to ensure safety inside hospitals.

MKsafety® - MK0709 - Black lightweight shock absorption esd work shoes

MK 0709

Product name: Fly woven comfortable safety shoes

Color: black, dark green, gray

Upper: Large hole fly mesh

Lining: Breathable mesh

Sole: Rubber sole

Features: anti-smash, anti-puncture, comfortable, anti-slip, thermal insulation, breathable

Da fei Woven breathable mesh is breathable and comfortable, refreshing but not stuffy, anti-smashing and puncture-proof, soft and comfortable, not caught off guard, and can meet various clothing matching.

Anti-smash and anti-stab:

anti-smash steel toe + anti-stab Kevlar mid sole to protect your feet at all times.


Using one-line fly knitting technology, the upper is breathable and comfortable without being stuffy.


Rubber sole, non-slip and wear-resistant, soft and comfortable, strong grip, non-slip and wear-resistant.


6KV insulation, all soles are metal-free, safe to work and no need to walk.

Reflective design:

reflective at night for safety protection. Extra large diamond-shaped reflective area effectively reflects light at night, providing 24-hour safety.

Convenient rope strap:

easy to put on and take off, the rope strap design is easy to put on and take off, fast and full of moisture.


Walk easily, get rid of the heavy burden of traditional labor protection shoes, light and not tiring.

MK 0141

 Steel toe safety shoes.

The upper is made from a mix of suede and nylon mesh; the lining is made from polyamide; the insole is made from non-removable polyamide ECA; and a dual-density PU injected sole. Features a steel toe box and puncture-resistant midsole. Offers shock-absorbing heel protection and anti-slip teeth. Imported rough leather safety shoes, low-cut, lightweight, dual-density polyurethane PU injection soles, steel toe caps, and steel sole plates. Anti-smash, anti-puncture, anti-static, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, SRC-grade anti-slip, and breathable.

Upper: suede cowhide and nylon mesh mixed material

Sole: Dual density polyurethane injection molded PU outsole

Interior: polyamide lining, sweat-wicking

Insole: polyamide EVA material, breathable and comfortable

Function: anti-smash, anti-puncture, anti-static, anti-slip, wear-resistant, oil-resistant

It uses a combination of suede leather upper and breathable mesh to allow air circulation in the shoe; It uses precision double stitching to make the lines natural and smooth, dynamic and fashionable; The classic shoe last design is in line with ergonomic foot characteristics and has a casual atmosphere; It uses rubber and Steel protection effectively improves the anti-smashing and anti-collision capabilities, and with the addition of soles and steel soles, it is safer; Kevlar shock-proof midsole prevents the impact of the heel when it lands, while maintaining the stability of the foot!


These comfortable work boots are smash and impact resistant. The upper is made of high-quality suede for excellent wear resistance and cold resistance. Whether you are working outdoors in the cold or in refrigerated, freezing environments, it can provide you with enough warmth and comfort.

The sole is made of PU+TPU material, which is non-slip and wear-resistant, and perfectly combines ergonomic design. It allows people to stand and walk for long periods of time without feeling tired.

The anti-smash toe box and Kevlar midsole make this shoe very lightweight. It weighs almost the same as regular sneakers. It doesn’t feel tired at all when worn on the feet. Breathable lining keeps feet dry.



These high-top work boots are made of scientifically selected high-quality cowhide. The texture is fine and firm, elastic, soft and delicate. It has strong breathability and wrapping properties. It is more wear-resistant than ordinary materials. It is warm, waterproof, oil-resistant and resistant. Acid and alkali.

Anti-collision steel toe, the shoe has a built-in steel toe cap and Kevlar midsole, which can prevent nails and other sharp objects from piercing the sole of the foot. Reinforced and anti-collision, protecting your feet and feeling considerate.

The anti-slip PU outsole with concave and convex patterns, scientifically distributed concave and convex density, and super grippy anti-slip design provide you with a good walking experience and can handle any slippery surface.

Thermal lining provides you with a good comfortable temperature experience inside the shoe, keeping you warm and comfortable. 360-degree three-dimensional pedicure last, a scientifically designed perfect shoe last, combined with the human foot shape, to maintain the shape of the shoe as much as possible, making the feet slender and comfortable, without loosening or squeezing.

In the cold winter, don’t let your feet get chilblains or hemorrhoids. Take good care of them and get through the cold winter.

The sole is an important interface between the foot and the ground. In order to make the interaction between the shoe and the ground reasonable, the sole is required to have a certain anti-slip performance, so the soles of different materials are closely related to the anti-slip performance.

Here are some common sole materials:


The advantages are good wear resistance, non-slip, softness and elasticity. Disadvantages: heavier weight.


The advantages are light weight and strong gloss. Disadvantages: large deformation under heat, poor resilience, and easy to break.


The advantages are density, high hardness, good elasticity, good oxidation resistance, easy corrosion, environmental protection, and not easy to wrinkle. Disadvantages: strong water absorption, poor alkali resistance, easy to turn yellow and easy to break.


The advantage is that it is easy to shape and cheap. Disadvantages: heavy material, non-wearing, poor softness, poor shock absorption.

Beef tendon:

The advantages are good elasticity, comfortable to wear, wear-resistant and waterproof. Disadvantages: The cold resistance is slightly poor, and the low temperature will harden, which will affect the anti-slip effect.


The advantages are light weight, good elasticity, not easy to wrinkle, good coloring, and suitable for various climates. Disadvantages: poor slip resistance.

Author: Nicole